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No Manual Slicing and Dicing of Data. Mapzot is Fast and Easy to use. AccuSite by Mapzot is the next generation Home Specialty Site Selection Software that combines Artificial Intelligence and human Expertise. Choose from a range of AI-powered tools to help your brand grow with a winning real estate strategy in today’s changing retail ecosystem.

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Mapzot is a Powerful Real Estate Site Selection Software that accurately recommends future locations and helps brands in making confident data driven location decisions. It’s unmatched brand and competitor data helps in recommending new high performing retail opportunities.

Home Specialty Chains

A retail site selection analysis is vital for any Home Specialty chain wishing to succeed. AccuSite by Mapzot uses AI for retail site selection that helps in understanding your target customer, analyzing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and developing a strategy to counter these strengths and weakness.

Commercial Developers

Local and National Developers involved in Ground up retail developments and redevelopments use our platform to find missing opportunities, analyze patterns and get recommended locations that create more traffic and ultimately increase bottom line profits.

Leasing Brokers

Real Estate brokerage firms representing Home Specialty chains and property owners locally, or nationally. Mapzot analyzes demographics of your target customer, their shopping habits, and buying preferences. With over 4 billion mobile location visits everyday, location intelligence software such as Mapzot can help you optimize your retail site selection.

Home Specialty at a Glance

AccuSite by Mapzot is a location analysis software that uses AI to find high performing locations for Home Specialty chains. Mapzot allows Home Specialty chains to monitor and rank their store portfolio, forecast store sales performance, download location based insights on customer foot-traffic and analyze competitors that are located in the area. Mapzot AccuSite has become the most successful retail location analysis software, as it allows Home Specialty chains to find new store recommendations in any submarket and determine their next location within seconds.

Mapzot Location analysis software constantly analyzes traffic counts, sales trends to determine whether or not a future store location would be profitable. Mapzot monitors existing draws and unique customer visits, especially if that customer spends more money than other Home Specialty customers. For instance, if a high performing Home Specialty location attracts a certain Home Specialty customers then AccuSite location analysis software program would find similar locations that mimic this high performing store location.

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